Retrospect and Prospect on the Rural Governance System with the Integration of Rule by Autonomy, Rule by Law and Rule by Virtue


2020-07-22 07:54

Zhong Hai,Ren Yuyao
Journal of Xi’an University

Abstract: Since 2013 , rule by autonomy , rule by law and rule by virtue have become an important academic proposition and theoretical focus of rural governance research. At present , whether it is about the definition of the concept or the understanding of the relationship, or whether it is about the interpretation of the generation logic or the proof of the path selection, the academic community has accumulated rich research laces; the repeated interpretation and explanation of the relevant documents of the central government, as well as the repeated analysis of “three rule” system relationship and its functions. There is no effective guidance for the differentiated and uneven rural areas in China because of the lack of systematization and totality, the insufficieney of depth of normative research and volume of empirical research, and the govern difference and epochal nature of the rural governance problems require us to establish and construct the idea of overall governance in the future, strengthen the in depth application of comparative research and empirical research methods , as well as the in depth interpretation of the research content focusing on the new formulation of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and constantly study and understand the laws of rural governance, and innovate the practice of rural governance.

Key words: rule of autonomy; rule of law; rule of virtue; the rural governance system social governance

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xian University, 2020(08).



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