On Building International Communication Channels of Chinese Discourse under the Belt and Road Initiative


2020-06-08 08:15

Li Gang, Wang Yiran
Media Observer

Abstract: With the progress of the "Belt and Road" initiativeChina's economicpoliticaland cultural cooperation with other countries in the world has deepened. In order to better establish a national image to the outside worldconvey Chinese voicesand enrich the connotation of Chinese discourse internallyit is increasingly important to increasing national cohesionstrengthening the building of Chinese dissemination channelsand increasing international influence. This article mainly studies the construction of international dissemination channels of Chinese discourse from the aspects of diversifying dialogue channels and integrating media platformsproviding useful references for enhancing the effectiveness of international dissemination of Chinese stories.

KeywordsBelt and Road InitiativeChinese discourseinternational communicationchannel construction

The Chinese version appeared in Media Observer, 2020(06).



2020-06-08 03:55
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