Justice. Distributive Justice. Social Justice


2020-06-03 07:57

Yan Jinggao
Journal of Yunmeng

Abstract: China's concept of justice is not an abstract theoretical deduction, but an objective cognition of the interests at stake. "Not suffering from scarcity but suffering from inequality" is the justice demand of agricultural civilization era. "Distribution of property rights according to factors" is the distribution consensus in the era of industrial civilization. "Distribution according to needs" is Marx's general assumption based on the future communist society. The activation of economic efficiency is inseparable from the development of the capital market, so it is necessary to clearly define the property rights of production factors. We must adhere to the principle of distribution according to work and improve the mechanism of distribution of factors of production on the basis of improving the socialist market economy, so as to get closer to the true meaning of social justice.

Key words: justice; distributive justice; social justice

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunmeng, 2020(05).



2020-06-03 03:40
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