The Relationship Under the DPRK-US Strategic Stalemate


2020-05-20 02:17

Li Nan
Journal of Yunmeng

Abstract: Since February 2019, as the DPRK-US dialogue has reached an impasse, the relations between the two countries have entered a period of strategic stalemate. On the one hand, the United States maintains sanctions against DPRK while still maintaining a dialogue posture. On the other hand, DPRK has been dissatisfied with the United States hostile policy towards him, such as evading DPRKs concerns. Hence DPRK maintains pressure on the United States. Since then, the situation on the peninsula under the stalemate between DPRK and the US has gone towards uncertainty. Two Koreas relation has been stalled. The competition and cooperation between the major powers around the peninsula are becoming increasingly fierce.

Key words: the Korean nuclear issue; extreme oppression and contact; self-reliance; strategic stalemate

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunmeng, 2020(05).



2020-05-20 10:01
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