On the Development Tendency of Otaku Culture During the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control


2020-05-07 08:38

Xu Yongjun,Wang Lulu
Journal of Yunmeng

Abstract: The prevention and control of COVID-19 has made the Otaku Culture (OC), which used to belong to subculture, a pop culture in extraordinary times. The activities of OC mainly include digital exhibitions, online games and film & television variety. OC shows the characteristics of openness, attention to reality, and positive emotions, during the COVID-19 period. For the future development of OC in another similar period, we need to pay attention to issues such as public emotional sensitivity, public imagination space, decisionism tendency, integration and innovation between the real economy and OC.

Key words: Otaku Culture; prevention and control of COVID-19; social attributes; decisionism.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunmeng, 2020(03).



2020-05-07 04:23
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