Study on Impact of Environmental Pollution on China's Agricultural Economy


2019-11-12 03:04

Shi Xiuxia
Environmental Science and Manage

AbstractThe traditional research and analysis on the impact of Chinas environmental pollution on Chinas agricultural economy are mostly restricted to theoretical factorsThe research errors are big due to lack of quantitative analysis processIn order to solve this problem, a quantitative modeling and analysis method is proposed to study the impact of environmental pollution on Chinas agricultural economyFirstly, the SBM directional distance function and Tobago productivity index are used to determine the total factor productivity of agricultural economy under the influence of environmental pollution factorsWith the help of convergence correlation analysis principle and theoretical method in economic field, the convergence analysis of total factor productivity was carried out to obtain the dynamic evolution trend of total factor productivity in agriculture in ChinaFinally, the economic space econometric model is adopted to obtain the real agricultural growth impact rate on the basis of considering the spatial effect and the natural environmental pollution effect, so as to complete the research on the impact of environmental pollution on Chinas agricultural economy

Key words: environmental pollution; agricultural economy; convergence; evolution trend

The Chinese version appeared in  ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT, 2019(01).


2019-11-12 11:03
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