Educating Students in Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking: Theory and Practice


2019-11-01 06:21

Qian Yingyi
Tsinghua Journal of Education

Abstract:The value of education lies not only in knowledge acquisition, but also in the development of the ways of thinking, including most importantly critical thinking and creative thinking.In theory, critical thinking has two dimensions of development in skillsets and mindsets;and creative thinking depends on three factors:knowledge, curiosity and imagination, and value orientation.In practice, Tsinghua SEM provides two cases in focus:the 9-year experience on education in critical thinking in its undergraduate programs, and the 5-year exploration of Tsinghua x-lab on education in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship at both undergraduate and graduate levels.The article also discusses possible impact of technological progresses on education and provides suggestions on promoting critical thinking and creative thinking education in China.

Keyword:critical thinking; creative thinking; mindset; curiosity; imagination; value orientation;

The Chinese version appeared in Tsinghua Journal of Education, 2018(04). 



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