Eight Problems and Corresponding Suggestions for the Pilot Reform of Rural Collective Property Right System——Survey and Reflection Based on the Pilot Reform and Practice in Sichuan


2019-10-17 08:10

Zhai Feng
West Forum

Abstract:The promotion of the reform of China's rural collective property right system is not only the real method to protect the collective income distribution right of the peasants at new era and to expand the collective economy but also is the important issue with direction in rural reform and development. The survey on rural collective property rights system pilot reform of " Wenjiang Model ", " Longhua Model " and " Sanshui Model " shows that although the rural collective property rights system reform has good initial results, there are still problems in ideological perspective, assets quantification, reform scope, member identity, equity installment, management and transfer, management structure, relation between collective economic organization and village committee or community, policy preference, the related matching policy and coordination and so on, which need further active exploration, and appropriately dealing with in order to overall boost rural collective property right system reform.

Keyword:rural collective property right system reform; rural collective economic organization; collective assets; collective organization member; property right system; management structure; Sichuan province;

The Chinese version appeared in West Forum , 2017(06).



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