Perceptions and Attitudes of Chengdu Residents toward “Medical and Aged Care” Integrated Models


2019-07-17 09:14

WU Kan CAO Pei-ya QIAN Jia-hui LUO Hui-qiang LIU Dan-ping
Journal of Sichuan University(Me

Abstract:Objective To investigate the perceptions and attitudes of Chengdu residents toward “medical and aged care”integrated models and associated factors.Methods A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted in 935 residents who were 45 years or older in 8 communities in Chengdu.Descriptive analyses and logistic binary regression analyses were performed.Results About 91.1% of respondents preferred self-care and family support,and only 8.9% preferred community and institutional care.About 84.9% of respondents reported no knowledge about the“medical and aged care”integrated models,and 15.1% had some basic understanding of the integrated care models.Middle-aged respondents were more likely to understand the integrated care models than their older counterparts,with 21.7% willing to endorse the integrated care models.The logistic regression analyses showed that age,educational attainment,marital status,chronic illness,available financial support,and knowledge and awareness were associated with the choice.Conclusion Chengdu residents have low level of knowledge and awareness of the“medical and aged care”integrated models.Public education is needed to promote the new aged care models.

Keyword:Medical and aged care integrated model; Aged care; China;

The Chinese version appeared Journal of Sichuan University(Medical Science Edition), 2017(03).



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