Research on Tourism Development Strategy of Sichuan Three Kingdoms Culture aiming at the Southeast Asian market


2017-02-21 12:00

Zhang Qianxia, Liu Li, Huang Huaxian, Yu Lulu
Journal of Chengdu University

Abstract: Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As the representative of Chinese literature, has considerable influence in Southeast Asia. The translated copy of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has wide spread in Southeast Asian countries, and the people there share a special affection toward the Three-kingdom culture. This paper is to analyze the reasons of the Three-kingdom culture complex of Southeast Asians, and propose the tourism development strategy of the Three-kingdom culture aiming at the Southeast Asian market in Sichuan combined with the consumption habits, behavior characteristics and personalities of Southeast Asian tourists, which contributes to expanding Sichuan tourism popularity and influence in Southeast Asian countries and speeding up Sichuan’s construction pace of a tourism-powerful and cultural-dynamic province.
Key words: Sichuan; the Three-kingdom culture; Southeast Asian market; tourism development
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chengdu University, 2016(02).


2017-02-21 03:01
Intensive Studies and Exploitations of Minority Language Corpora