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No. 5, 2019


2021-01-28 10:04

An Analysis of Factors Influencing Entrepreneurs’ Performance in Business after Returning Home——Empirical Study Based on a Sichuan Sample.pdf

Public Agenda,Media Agenda and Policy Communication Process of Government Annual Reports:Based on the Survey in 19 Chinese Cities.pdf

On Environmental Quality Standards and Finding of Liability for Environmental Pollution Torts.pdf

Rural Idyll in Vernacular Landscape.pdf

A Study of the Authenticity of “Braided Journalism” in the Era of Media Convergence from the Perspective of Ethics.pdf

On the Beginning and Transformation of Modern Chinese Historiography.pdf

Emotion and Memory:Emotional Guidance for the History Education of the Nanjing Massacre.pdf

Comparison of the Narrative Traditions—China and the West.pdf

Discussion on the Appraisal of Ancient Chinese Calligraphies and Paintings.pdf

American Sunday-School Libraries in the 19th century.pdf

The Significance of Festivals is In Tune with the World--Interpretation from the Perspective of Western Cultural Theory.pdf


2021-01-28 05:58
No. 4, 2019