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No. 2, 2019


2021-01-28 06:28

Justification and System Arrangement of Virtual Property Rights — Comments on Article No. 127 of General Provisions of the Civil Law.pdf

A Study on the Transformation of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in Japan.pdf

Big Data, Transparent World and Individual Freedom.pdf

The “Island Phenomenon” in Scientific and Technological Innovation and Its Governance Approach.pdf

The Development Model and Countermeasures of China’s Next Generation AI Industry.pdf

Political History of Books: A Case Study of Precedents of Ritual Protocol for Jin's Imperial Ministers and Annotations to the Report on Jin's Official Posts.pdf

On the Poetic Features in Jia Zhangke’s Films.pdf

Evolution and Outlook of Resource Allocation Mechanism in the Age of Internet.pdf

A Study on Financial Cooperation by NGOs under the Belt and Road Initiative --Taken Asian Financial Cooperation Association (AFCA) as an Example.pdf

The Ideal Directions for the Advancement of Building an Ecological Civilization in the New Era: From Creating a Better Life for the Chinese People to Global Ecological Governance.pdf


2021-01-28 02:14
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