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No. 2, 2017


2021-01-26 10:25

The Dilemma of Philosophy and the Prospect of Chinese Philosophy.pdf

Natural Disasters of the Lower Reaches of Yellow River during the Longshan Period——The Natural Background of Dayu’s Flood Control.pͬJ

The Dimensions and Perceptual Meaning of Chinese New Year Painting as a Form of Visual Encirclement.pdf

The Myths of Bashu in Chinese Culture.pdf

Fragrant Tea and Tea Culture of Bashu.pdf

Inheritance and Promotion of Bashu Culture.pdf

The Historical Status and Core Values of Ba Culture.pdf

A Modest Study on Ba Culture and Architecture.pdf

The Differences between Chinese and Western Cultures based on the Animal Images in Idioms.pdf

The China and Mongolia Cultural Communication Status Quo and Development Trend in the Context of the Construction of the China–Mongolia–Russia Economic Corridor.pdf

Concerted Practice of the Four–Pronged Comprehensive Strategy Together with the “Five Development Concepts”.pdf

Coordination:From Development Concept to Methodology Innovation.pdf

The Multidimensional Description and Investigation of New Color Terms:A Metaphorical Cognitive Approach.pdf

Five Major Ethical Issues Concerning Extended Cognitive Technology.pdf


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