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No. 2, 2016


2021-01-26 08:10

A Study of the Universal Two-child Policy’s Impact on China’s Future Population.pdf

An Analysis of Employment-promoting Effects of Employment Service Policies-Based on Family Development.pdf

Analysis of Scanlon's Moral Motivation Theory.pdf

Carry Forward and Promote the Ba Culture,Concentrate and Upgrade Soft Power.pdf

Death of Agricultural Civilization and the Regeneration of Projection Civilization.pdf

English Translation Study of Romance of the Three Kingdoms in China in the Last Five Years.pdf

Industrial Policy Analysis of Restricted Development Zones in Western China--A Study of State-level Main Producing Areas of Agricultural Products and Key Ecological Functional Areas.pdf

On Su Dongpo’s Creativity.pdf

On the Historiographical Reform of General History of Chinese Science and Technologyin the Post-Needham Era.pdf

Price Discrimination of Film Products and Building of Hierarchical Market under the Background of Internet Plus.pdf

The Constitution of Authority:the Past and Present of the Governance Order in Rural Areas.pdf

The Interactive Development of China's Retail Industry Going global Strategy in the Context of the Belt & Road Initiative.pdf

The Internet,Public Crisis and Social Identity.pdf


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No. 1, 2016