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No. 4, 2019


2021-01-28 09:56

Forty-Year Development of Social Assistance System in China: Review and Outlook.pdf

The Evolution of China's National Innovation System During the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up.pdf

Chinese Solution for the Construction of An Ecological Civilization and Its World Significance.pdf

China's Second Demographic Window of Opportunity.pdf

The Substantive Reform of Court Trials: A Transformation of Logic in the Methods of Evidence Investigation-Summary of the Reform Pilot Project in Chengdu.pdf

General Provisions of the Civil Law and Commercial Legislation: Consensus, Problems and Options -Taking Commercial Agency as an Example.pdf

A Study on Status Assessment and Path Optimization for China-Africa Anti-poverty Cooperation.pdf

An Inquiry into the Approach to Asian Regional Trade Integration Under the Belt and Road Initiative - The Case of the Alignment of a China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Area.pdf

A Study on the Evolution of Labor Self-Organizations and the Design of Governmental Mechanism from A Complex Network Perspective.pdf


2021-01-28 05:44
No. 3, 2019