Ethnic Culture Conser vation, Inher itance and Development in Ethnic Towns on Zang- Qiang- Yi Cultur e Industr y Corridor in Yunnan


2021-01-07 01:57

Wang Jun
Guizhou Ethnic Studies

Abstract: As the only regional cultural industry construction belt in China, Zang-Qiang-Yi Culture Industry Corridor possesses rich natural and cultural resources. The practices of ethnic culture conservation, inheritance and development in Yunnan really enhance the connotation and attractiveness of Zang-Qiang-Yi Culture Industry Corridor. However, there are still some problems in the process. Only the sustainable development based on?culture rescue and protection will connect ethnic towns closely with Zang-Qiang-Yi Culture Industry Corridor and then build an interaction relationship.

Keywords:Zang-Qiang-Yi culture industry corridor;Ethnic towns;Culture

The Chinese version appeared in Guizhou Ethnic Studies, 2020(09).



2021-01-07 09:42
Culture-Tourism Integration and Rural Revitalization in Tibetan and Qiang Inhabited Regions