The Spreading and Developing of Confucianism in Bashu Area During Han and Jing Dynasties


2021-12-16 02:10

Yan Xin
Journal of Chinese Culture

Abstract: The social turbulence in late East Han Dynasty caused Confucianism's leading position to be impacted, and its spreading and developing was fluenced by various social factors. During Han and Jing Dynasties, the peaceful and stable society in Bashu area provided good conditions for the spreading and developing of Confucianism. In this process, traditional Confucianism affected the Confucianism of Bashu, so did the indigenous culture. Therefore, the new pattern and situation of Confucianism theory appeared, which actively propelled the continuous development of Confucianism after West and East Jing Dynasties.

Keywords: Bashu School of Confucianism; Shu-Han Regime   ConfucianQiao Zhou

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chinese Culture, 2021(06).



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