A General Narratology


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Title  A General Narratology

Author  ZhaoYiheng

Publisher  SichuanUninversity Press

Date   Dec., 01, 2013




A General Narratology is part of a book series entitled“Western China Schools· Chinese Semiotic Studies”. A breakthrough has been made in this book from the traditional narratology, which usually builds up its theories based on the discussion of novels, movies etc. Beginning with a big picture of general semiotic narration, this book tries to identify the common laws and category characteristics, generalizes theories and principles and puts them back to various genres to prove their effectiveness and possible variations.  The book is authored by Zhao Yiheng.


About Author


Zhao Yiheng, who graduated with a Master’s degree from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and with a Doctor’s Degree from University of California - Berkeley, is now a professor with Literature and Journalism School at Sichuan University following his teaching career at The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 


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