Culture-Tourism Integration and Rural Revitalization in Tibetan and Qiang Inhabited Regions


2020-12-25 02:44

Lu Fangfang
Journal of Inner Mongolia Arts U

Abstract: Based on my ethnographic field work, I give a thick description of the current situation of Intangible Cultural Heritage protection amongst the Baima Tibetans, with an eye to discourses on local governance, none-profitable organizations, and the attitudes of villagers. My aim is to show with firsthand knowledge, in the process of rural revitalization in Tibetan and Qiang Inhabited regions against a backdrop of global tourism, how multiple parties have participated in the Minzu-folk culture protection project, a process that involves intersubjectivity, mutual circumstantiality,and mutual benefiting in symbiotic relationship. The intersubjectivity of the local government, villagers, and researchers plays an active role in recognizing their mutuality.

Key words: Tibetan and Qiang regions; Baima Tibetan; Integration of Culture and Tourism; ICH Protection

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Inner Mongolia Arts University, 2020,17,(02).



2020-12-25 10:30
The Xue's Genealogy by Sanfengtang an Important Literature for the Research on Tibetan and Qiang Borderland during the Ming and Qing Dynasties