Study on the Value and Function of Sichuan Red Cultural Heritage


2019-03-11 02:22

ZHANG Jia - you,DONG Wen - wen,LI Jing - xia
Journal of Southwest University

Abstract: Sichuan is so rich in red cultural heritage, involving politics, military, culture and other aspectsIn the new normal, with the selection of Sichuan culture as the basis, Sichuan cultural creation as a means, and Sichuan culture infiltration as a way, the educational value of Sichuan red cultural heritage should be continuously enhanced, and its function should also be strengthened by expanding the approaches to education, so that Sichuan red cultural heritage will be more fully utilized and more value will be createdFurthermore, the research perspective of Sichuan red cultural heritage should be broadened by closely integrating Sichuan red culture with socialist core values to promote Sichuan red cultural spirit and strengthen the role of Sichuan red cultural heritage in local economic, social and cultural construction

Keywords: Sichuan; red cultural heritage; value; function

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Southwest University of Science and Technology, 2019(02).


2019-03-11 10:23
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