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A Multidisciplinary Review of the“Three Ethnic Groups”Theory about Ancient Southwest China


2019-03-07 01:48

Li Donghong, Ma Lina

Abstract: The“Three Ethnic Groups”theory held that ancient ethnic people in southwest China belonged to the three ethnic groups of DiqiangBaiyue and BaipuMade against a background of national construction in the 1930s and 1940sthis hypothesis lacks the support of complete literature and archaeological evidence and has been proved wrongHoweverdespite of new discoveries made by the academic community, some historical accounts still indiscriminately follow the old hypothesis and led to confusing descriptions about the history of ancient ethnic groups in southwest Chinawhich has to be correctedThe claims that ancient ethnic groups in southwest China had a common origin should be abandoned and changed. In order to correctly understand the history and culture of ancient ethnic groups in southwest Chinarelated research must focus on examining such local cultural contexts as natural geography and traditionreturn to“local historical accounts”from“foreign historical accounts”and interpret the materials in the the local ethnic and cultural contextA reflection on“foreignorigin”narrative tradition commonly accepted by Chinese academic communityincluding such theories as“grand narration”“classic history”and“national common sense”will help us start afresh in historical explorationdeepen our understanding of the basic logic of Chinese historical development and promote academic innovation

Keywords: southwest Chinaancient peopleThree Ethnic Groupsacademic review

The Chinese version appeared in Thinking, 2019(01).


2019-03-07 09:49
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