History of GongyangZhuan Scholarship


2014-12-30 12:00

Huang Kaiguo

Author    Huang Kaiguo

Publisher  The People’s Publishing House

Date      March 1, 2013



History of GongyangZhuan Scholarship, based on the substantial first-hand data and the selected research achievements made by previous GongyangZhuan scholars, especially modern scholars, analyses the historical evolution of   GongyangZhuan scholarship theories by looking at the development of GongyangZhuan scholarship in different historical periods. It seeks to interpret as accurately as possible the profound meaning of individual theories put forward by Dong Zhongshu, He Xiu and Liu Fenglu in Western Han Dynasty, Eastern Han Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty, and comments on the gains and losses of each interpretation in a fair and objective manner.  Considering the change of GongyangZhuan scholarship theories in history and their interaction with society, politics and culture, the scholarship theories can be roughly divided into six phases: Emerging in Warring States Period, Booming in Western Han Dynasty, Maturing in Eastern Han Dynasty, Declining from the end of Han Dynasty to mid-Qing Dynasty, Reinvigorating in Qing Dynasty and transmutation in late Qing Dynasty and modern times.


History of GongyangZhuan Scholarship

By Huang Kaiguo

The People’s Publishing House




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