Re-examination of "Xiyixi" in Shiji and Hanshu --And On Discourse of the South Silk Road in the Han Dynasty

Weng Jun

2018-10-30 03:23

GONG Wei (History Department, Shanghai University, Shanghai 2004
Journal of Sichuan Normal Univer

In the history of Han dynasty, there were four roads of xiyixi in the period of Emperor Wudi, and most of the contents were closely related to each other, but there were still some differences in the specific points, many accounts were even contradictory to each other, such as the four ways and five places, Qiong Bo and Si Qiong, starting from Bo and starting from xiyixi, starting from Zuo and close way in Zuo, and etc. These literature errors are actually not all errors but the reflection of actual historical information instead. Un- der the context of developing southwest in the western Han dynasty, combined with comprehen- sive investigation of xiyixi road, ancient nation channels, official decrees, relationship between Han and Yi is, the four roads of xiyixi in the period of Emperor Wudi should be the roads starting form Mang, starting form Rang, starting form Si or Qiong, starting form Qiong and Bo.

 the Han dynasty  the emperor Wudi  the South Silk Road  the direction of Xiy- ixi  Shiji   Hanshu 


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