On Integration and Diffusion of Sichuan Internet Cultural Resources --Based on the Theory of Big Data

Weng Jun

2018-10-10 01:56

SUI Hai-xia, LI Jin-zhao, CHEN Jun-jiang, SUN Qing

The core competitive power of internet cultural industries lies largely on the integration and dissemination of internet cultural resources which can be promoted by using big data technology so as to maximize the value of internet cultural resources. In recent years, the integration and diffusion of internet cultural resources has been vigorously pushed forward in Sichuan and certain effects have been achieved. As a result, the development of internet and mobile internet is looking up with a fairly good growth in cultural industries and an initial formation of internet cultural industrial parks. However, such problems as outdated system and mechanism, insufficient investment, diversion of internet cultural resources, and brand unawareness are yet to be overcome. Therefore, Sichuan should grab opportunities and challenges concurrent with big data trend, speed up the development of Sichuan strategic plans for big data, move away obstacles for institutional mechanisms, build up service platforms to enhance cooperation and communication, and strengthen product brand building to improve brand awareness, for the purpose of facilitating the transformation and upgrading for Sichuan internet cultural industry.

key words:  Sichuan Province  big data  internet cultural resources  internet cultural industries 


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