Dietary custom of the Yis in Liangshan and its cultural representation


2019-01-02 02:12

Wang Meiying
Journal of Yunnan Minzu Universi

Abstract: The dietary custom of the Yis in Liangshan has rich implicationsembodying their living wisdomthinking modesvalue orientationbeliefsancestor worshipancestral protection as well as their hospitalityrespect and love of the old and the childrenunityharmonycooperationdispute settlement and othersmirroring the strategies of cultural adaptationThe inheritance and development of the traditional dietary custom of the Yis in Liangshan will help the social stability and harmony as well as harmonious development of the Yi society in Liangshan

Key words: the Yis in Liangshan; dietary custom; cultural implications; social function

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunnan Minzu University, 2018(05).



2019-01-02 10:13
Yi-Han Bilingual Education of Liangshan Area on New Period