Duan Yu


2014-12-30 12:00

Professional title: researcher

Field of research: history


Basic information: born in August of 1953, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Department of History, Sichuan University in 1983, majoring in History; currently in the position of Director of Research Institute of History, head person in academia and technology in Sichuan Province, receives the State Council special allowance, Excellent Expert with Outstanding Contribution in Sichuan Province. Main research achievements: author ofCasting a Greedy Eye on All Directions – Legalists and National Unity, Political Structure and Cultural Mode – Research on the Ancient Bashu Civilization, Historical Transition: Ancient State of Shu, Along the Qing River: A History of Bashu Culture, Cradle of Cities: the Ancient Civilization of Mesopotamia; theses including Two Branches of Ancient Bashu Writing and Their Origins, The Origin, Structure and Network System of the Ancient Cities in Bashu, Evolution of Bronze Culture in Bashu, etc.; received 2 second prizes , 5 third prizes of provincial and ministerial level.


2014-12-30 11:09
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