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Professional title: researcher

Field of research: economic law, civil and commercial law, regional economy


Basic information: born in December, 1955, graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Engineering from Chengdu College of Geology majoring in exploration engineering; graduated with a Master of Law in 1988 from Southwest University of Political Science and Law majoring in Procedural Law; graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics in 2003 from Graduate School of Sichuan University majoring in Political Economy; currently in the position of President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences,doctoral tutor, head person in academia and technology in Sichuan Province, receives State Council government special allowance.

Main research achievements: author of Securities Legal Liabilities, Company Law of Japan, Introduction to Securities Trade Law, Detailed Analysis of Debated Points in Property Laws, Property Laws Course,Research on Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Real Estate Legal and Policy Practices,Research on Major Issues Related to the Restoration and Reconstruction of Post-Wenchuan Earthquake, A History of Deng Xiaoping’s Theory, etc.;theses including A Regional Economics Analysis of Economic Globalization System Arrangement, Discussion on Local Government Regulation and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, Procedural Monitoring, The Japanese Legal System on Monitoring and Restricting Business Operators and Its Revelation to China,Reflection on the History of the Legal System that Separates Two Powers, etc.; research achievements have received one outstanding award in Wu Yuzhang Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Awards,two first prize, three second prizes and three third prizes in Sichuan provincial government Awards.


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Hu Xueju