2014-12-30 12:00

Professional title: researcher

Field of research: labor economics, resource economics


Basic information: born in June, 1952, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Department of Political Economy of Sichuan University majoring in Political Economyin 1982; currently in the position of director of Economic Research Institute, deputy chairman of council of Sichuan National Land Economics Research Society, executive council member of Sichuan Labor Society, member of science and technology advisory panel in Sichuan Province; excellent expert with outstanding contributions in Sichuan Province, head person in academia and technology in Sichuan Province. Main research achievements: author of books including Allocation of Rural Labor Resources Utilization, Introduction to Comprehensive Rural Development, Research on Labor and Employment Issues in Poverty-stricken Towns and Rural Areas in Southwest China; theses including Reflection on Adam Smith’s Concept of Broker, Migration of Rural Labor Force and Employment in Cities etc.; received 2 first prizes and one third prize of the provincial and ministerial level.


2014-12-30 11:04
Han Xu