A Brave Journey


2022-05-07 12:00

Chen Jin


Title: A Brave Journey

AuthorChen Jin

ISBN: 9787119121376

Press: Foreign Languages Press



Chapter 1 Starting PointThe Birth of the Communist Party of China

Backdrop of the Party's Birth

In Search of the Right Ideology

Founding of the CPC

Chapter 2 LegendWhat Lies beneath the Legend That Is the CPC?

FaithSpreading Like a Wildfire

Where There's a WillThere's a Way

Unite and Forge ahead

Chapter 3 MainstayWhat Kind of Dreams and Faiths That Fired the Chinese Communist Revolution?

An Elegy

The United Front

A Tactical Formula

Twists and Turns

Chapter 4 Remarkable FeatsThe Birth of New China

Essence of the Big Change

A Bittersweet Journey

The Change of People's Heart

Demonstration of Democracy

Two Historic Missions

Chapter 5 ExplorationsWhat to Think of the Achievements and Mistakes of the Construction Period?

Exploration Begins with Learning

Great Undertakings in the Period of Exploration

What to Think of the Mistakes Made in Exploration?

Chapter 6 A New Journey: How Was the Reform and Opening-up Policy Adopted and Advanced?

A Philosophical Question

At the Turning Point

The Breakthrough in the Economic Reform

A Clearer Vision for Modernization

Chapter 7 SpiritWhat Temperament and Look Have Been Cultivated along the Way

RevolutionThe Character of the Foolish Old Man

ConstructionThe Spirit of Entrepreneurship

ReformPioneering and Responsibility


Chapter 8 PathWhat Is the Greatest Achievement?

What Is the Chinese Path?

How Does the Chinese Path Become What It Is?

How Did the Chinese Path Evolve?

Chapter 9 DreamWhere Shall We Go?

Liberationof Yesterday

Moderate Prosperityof Today

Rejuvenationof Tomorrow


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