Why China Choose the Rule of Law


2022-05-14 12:00

Gan Zangchun and Liangchao


Title: Why China Choose the Rule of Law

AuthorGan Zangchun and Liangchao

ISBN: 9787119118154

Press: Foreign Languages Press


Introduction The Three Basic Ways of State Governance

Chapter Ⅰ Why Did Modern Rule of Law Not Emerge in China First?

Section Ⅰ China Already Had the So Gene for Modern Rule of Law in the Late Ming and Early Qing Period

Section Ⅱ The Powerful Feudal Autocracy and the Perfected

Governance System Killed Modern Rule of Law at Birth

Section Ⅲ Natural Economy and the Policy of "Emphasizing AgricultureRestraining Commerce" Suppressed the Growth of Capitalism

Chapter Ⅱ How Did Rule of Law Begin in China?

Section ⅠThe Historic Context of Western Legal Culture's Introduction to China

Section Ⅱ Different Traditions of Legal Culture in China and the West

Section Ⅲ Rule of Law Embraced Socialism in China

Chapter Ⅲ Why Did China Choose Rule of Law?

Section Ⅰ Debate over Rule of Law and Rule of Man After 1949

Section Ⅱ Basic Motivations Behind the Party's Choice of Rule of Law

Section Ⅲ Major Arrangements for the Path to Socialist Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics

Section Ⅳ Key Factors Determining Success or Failure of Rule of Law in China

Section Ⅴ Criteria for Measuring the Success of Building Rule of Law

Chapter Ⅳ How Does China's Path to Rule of Law Differ from the West's?

Section Ⅰ What Is the Relationship Between Leadership by the Party and Rule of Law?

Section Ⅱ The CPC's View on Fairness and Justice

Section Ⅲ The CPC's View on Power

Section Ⅳ How Concepts of Human Rights Differ Between China and the West

Afterword China's Path of Rule of Law in the Period of So Transformation


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