The Castro Era


2022-04-29 12:00

Zhao Rongxian


Title: The Castro Era

AuthorZhao Rongxian

ISBN: 9787119121444

Press: Foreign Languages Press


Chapter 1 First Meetings with Fidel Castro

1.Fidel Castro drops in on the Chinese Embassy

2.Fidel Castro meets Chinese corporate representatives

3.Fidel Castro meets China's State Councilor Chen Zhili

4.Fidel Castro provides us with a new ambassador's residence

5.Another meeting with Fidel Castro

6.President of Bolivia talks about Fidel Castro

Chapter 2 Fidel Castro Falls Il

1.Fidel Castro is down with an illness!

2.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman expresses support for Cuba

3.Ratil's first media interview after the handover

4.Cuban ofis talk about Cuba's situation

5.US offi comments on Cuba's situation

6.Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi visits Fidel Castro

7.Fidel Castro's absence from his 80th birthday celebrations

8.Cuba's foreign minister lists Fidel Castro's merits

9.A Spanish surgeon comes to treat Fidel Castro

10.A Spanish newspaper reveals details of Fidel Castro's illness

11.Fidel Castro's first public appearance in three months

12.Fidel Castro makes a vocal appearance 13.Fidel Castro talks about his health

Chapter 3 Fidel Castro in Retirement

1.Fidel Castro explores new ways of participating in politics

2.Fidel Castro announces his resignation

3.Chief of Fidel Castro Coordination Team talks about Fidel Castro

4.Fidel Castro not seen or heard at 50th anniversary of victory of the Cuban Revolution

5.Fidel Castro appears again!

6.An Argentine political scientist talks about visiting Fidel Castro

7.Second anniversary of Fidel Castro's column

8.Fidel Castro's interactions with the US

9.Fidel Castro's 83rd birthday

10.Fidel Castro reappears on TV

Chapter 4 Tracing Fidel Castro's Footprints

1.Visiting Santiago-birthplace of the Cuban Revolution-and the US naval base of Guantanamo

2.Visiting Biran,Fidel Castro's hometown

3.Visiting the prison on the Isle of Youth

Chapter 5 Fidel Castro's Friendship with China

1.Fidel Castro's phone call

2.Fidel Castro meets with visiting Wu Guanzheng

3.Fidel Castro style -sending a medical rescue team to China

4.Fidel Castro meets with He Guoqiang

5.President Hu Jintao meets with Fidel Castro

6.Fidel Castro calls me in

7.Fidel Castro writes about Chavez's visit to China

8.Chairman Wu Bangguo visits Fidel Castro

9.Fidel Castro phones to congratulate China on its 60th anniversary

10.Fidel Castro writes an essay for China's National Day

11.Another phone call from Fidel Castro

Chapter 6 Fidel Castro's Well-Meant Project for Chinese Students

1.Program for Chinese students in Cuba initiated by Fidel Castro

2.The Cuban side celebrates Spring Festival with Chinese students

3.About the city of Tarara

4.Program director talks about Chinese students studying in Cuba

5.Visiting Chinese Students Division of Cuban Medical College

6.Cuba's Minister of Higher Education talks about the program for Chinese students

Chapter 7 Farewell Fidel Castro,May Our Friendship Last Forever

1.Taking leave

2.A letter from Fidel Castro

3.Another talk with Fidel Castro on the phone

4.Foreign Minister Wang Yi brings me praise from Fidel Castro

5.Our annual greetings



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