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Civil and Commercial Law


2014-12-30 12:00

Belonging to fundamental laws, Civil and Commercial Law (the Discipline) protects citizens, legal persons and other legal subject of civil rights and constructs the foundation laws for the legal governance framework of the socialist market economy. For near 30 years, the Discipline has been an important research field of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (the Academy). Through long-term focusing on frontier theories and application issues in the field of civil and commercial issues, the Discipline thus formed into obvious advantages in studies on companies, securities, investment fund, etc. The Discipline is key subject at the provincial level; and the institute has established such specialized research organizations as Commercial Law Research Center and Sichuan Province Jurisprudence Seminar, qualified of granting Master's Degree in the Discipline, and equipped with the corresponding postdoctoral research station.


The Discipline successfully held China Law Society Seminar of Science of Law Merchant 2009 Annual Meeting and Academic Conference, China Securities Law Seminar 2012 Annual Meeting and Academic Conference. In recent years, The Discipline has published near 300 high quality dissertations in noted periodicals and newspapers such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Abstract, China Legal Science, Guangming Daily, etc., undertaking nine projects under the national social science fund, 21 topics at provincial and ministerial levels, over 10 key topics of the institute, 16 horizontal cooperation tasks, with more than 10 scientific research achievements awarded at provincial or ministerial level or above; and certain policy suggestions were reported, in form of Key Report on Achievement of National Social Science Fund Research to the CPC Political Bureau, leadership of the State Council as well as the Central Party Office, the Office of the State Council, the Central Policy Research Office of the State Council Research Laboratory, etc. In addition, many investigation reports and countermeasures by the Discipline have obtained written instructions or comments from many leaders at national, provincial and ministerial levels.


The Discipline has established close academic connections with famous scholars in civil and commercial law, such as Professor Jiang Ping, Professor Wang Jiafu, Professor Wang Baoshu and so forth, along with close academic ties with research institutions e.g. the British Academy, the Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Sciences as well as prestigious law schools in colleges and universities as Taiwan National Chengchi University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. Over the years, the Discipline has been providing Sichuan provincial government and relevant departments, enterprises and institutions with decision-making consultation and intelligence services. Our study personnel in the Discipline have participated internationally and domestically important civil and commercial projects, academic conferences in groups for frequent times, while the papers and statements presented at such meetings are recognized with praise.


Main research directions of the Discipline: the relevant system studies on company law, real right law, intellectual property law and financial law.


The Discipline now has an excellent team of 26 full-time teaching and research personnel, with high qualities, reasonable structure and diligent professional work. As a famous professor and second-grade researcher in this discipline, the chief discipline expert Zhou Yousu also takes such posts as the vice-chairman of Chinese Commercial Law Institute, vice-chairman of China Securities Law Institute and academic counselor for Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences.



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