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2015-06-15 12:00

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Sponsored and organized by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Western China is a comprehensive weekly journal and a “double-effect Series” of China’s Excellent Periodicals as well, with its inception in 1992.

Western China has great mission of promoting local characteristic culture, spreading advanced cultural theory and leading the healthy development of tourism market; it improves the overall economic value, tourism value and investment value, through digging and exploiting at depth the implication of western cities of China from various aspects, such as history, humanity, geography, and development prospect. Main columns are: Outlook, View, Western Counties, Humanity, Geography, Western Cities, Western Scenic, and Western Energy.

As a national all media publishing house, the periodical office of Western China actively expands the innovation of media convergence, and sets up omni-directional and three-dimensional media platform- website, wechat and microblog of Western China, which have more than one million internet audience; and the annual circulation of the journal is more than 200,000 as well. Currently, Western China has a peripheral support team composed of almost 500 experts, scholars and researcher in many fields such as urban construction plan, tourism marketing planning, regional macro economic development and education and culture construction.

Western China adheres to the policy of radiating its profound influence across the whole country even the world through basing on Sichuan and rooting in west cities of China, and integrates advertising and publicizing under the leadership of journals; meanwhile, it sets up a bridge of deep cooperation among different regions, to both profoundly report on different regions and enterprises, and attract investment and recruit through all kinds of activities for brand promotion.

ISSN: ISSN 1008—0694Civil periodical number: CN 51—1500/Z,

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