From Steam to HSR


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Li Rong, Qi Zhongxi


Title: From Steam to HSR

ISBN: 9787119129211

Author: Li Rong, Qi Zhongxi

Press: Foreign Languages Press


Chapter 1 China's First Railways

1. Controlled by foreigners, China's first railways experienced a difficult birth

2. Overcoming hardships, Zhan Tianyou became a key figure in China's railways

3. Steaming across the horizon, the first railway built by China

4. History of the stations and buildings

Chapter 2 Beijing-Zhangjiakou CHSR

1. The story behind the centennial leap forward

2. Exclamations and amazement

3. From 35 to 350 kph

4. Smart Fuxing excels in "cool tech

5. The Olympic version of smart Fuxing

6. Visual cultural elements applied to high-speed rail aesthetics

7. 12 deluxe stations under new-type infrastructure

8. The high-speed operation of the most powerful "brain"

9. High-quality and high-standard "backstage" management system

10. Ice and snow heat up economy and passion

Chapter 3 The Strength of Capital Construction

1. Leaving a str footnote in the history of the Chinese nation-A dialogue with the management and construction team of Bejing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway Company

2. China Built the bridges in the world-A dialogue with the Fifth Section Project Department of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group

3. Drilling a tunnel at the foot of Badaling Great Wall-A dialogue with the construction team of China Railway No. Five Engineering Bureau Group

4. Drawing a beautiful painting of China's high-speed rail by meticulous use of smart building-A dialogue with Mao Minghua, vice general manager of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group

5. Amazing design contributes to an immortal monument-A dialogue with the design team of China Railway Engineering Design and Consulting Group

6. Forging a centennial project and creating a Winter Olympic dream-A dialogue with the construction team of the Chongli Railway Third Section Project of China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group

7. Meeting again at the foot of Yanshan Mountain-A dialogue with the construction team of China Railway Sixth Group for the auxiliary projects of the Beg 2022 Olympic Games

8. How was the 6,000+ meter Tsinghuayuan Tunnel cut?-A dialogue with Gao Shijun, chief technician for the Tsinghuayuan Tunnel of China Railway 14th Bureau Group

9. 3,000 elite troops winning the key battle-A dialogue with the Zhengpantai Tunnel construction team of China Railway Tunnel Stock





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