Walk for Peace


2021-03-30 08:10

Lord Michael Bates


Title: Walk for Peace

Author:Lord Michael Bates

ISBN: 9787510460296

Press: New World Press


This is Lord Michael Batess account of himself on a TV show, talking about his walking tour to China:

If somebody said to me what did I know of China when I was 17 years old, I would say I knew Chinese food. Every village had a small town, had a Chinese take-away,so I’d immediately think of food, I love Chinese food. But otherwise, I would think China is a very poor country. But really beyond that, we didn’t have a great deal. All of our attention when I was 17, all of our attention as young people was towards America. America has changed a bit in forty years. But so has China. And it is remarkable to see how it’s transformed.

Of all the statistics that are presented about China, the one which always inspires me is that no country in human history has ever lifted more people out of poverty than China. Seven hundred million, three quarters of the total lifted out of poverty between 2000 and 2010 were here in China. That should make us celebrate and take note.

I think I really like the bird man. And I ask did he do this as a living? And he said no, he did this as a hobby, just something that actually gave him pleasure. And if he managed to sell some, that was good. But if he didn’t, then he was happy. And I thought that was quite impression.

And everyday I write a blog on my journey, and I like to get people’s names, the ages, some of the facts, correct, just you know it is on the blog, I like to do that. People found very interesting. A lot of people read the blog in China, but there also a lot of people read it in England. And this is the way they see China, one of the reasons why we do what we do is because we want people to see and feel China in a real way. Sometimes, they don’t always get the true impression of China. Where is we are trying to convey what I did is the warms of people and the way which decides to work.


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