Mao Zedong’s Traditional Family Virtues


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Kong Xiangtao; Sun Xianwei; Liu Xiangyu


Title: Mao Zedongs Traditional Family Virtues

Author:Kong Xiangtao; Sun Xianwei; Liu Xiangyu

ISBN: 9787119122656

Press: Foreign Language Press


Chapter 1 A Traditional Peasant Family of China
11 Mao's Parents and Family
Music Mountain Culture
Diligence and Thrifty
My Noble Mother
12A Boy Determined to Go Beyond Local Borders
The Stubborn Village Boy
Bitter First Love
A Monk-Like Husband at Home
A Poor Student at East Mountain School

Chapter 2 A New-Style Family
21 Brotherhood in the Vanguard of the Times
“Mao the Hero”from Hunan Provincial First Normal School
The Eldest Son and Eldest Brother
22 Husband and WifeSoulmates in the World
A Good Teacher and Faithful Friend
Do Something Extraordinary
A Family Teeming with Love
Wish Runzhi's Revolution Be Successful Soon

Chapter 3 Family in the Revolutionary War
31 Family on the Horseback
Love During the War
Bitterness of Love
Confidant in Adversity
Interconnectedness of Hearts
Lost Children
Staying with Her Whatever Happens
32 Home in the Cave Dwelling
A Farewell Handkerchief
Lively Cave Dwelling
Working Ethics of the Eighth Route Army
Affection in the War Time
Contribution to the Society
33A Special Family in Moscow
34 Sacrifices for the Lofty Ideal

Chapter 4 Family in Peacetime
41 First Family in the “Forbidden City”I
Once LovedAffection Lingering Forever
A Qualified Brother and Uncle
42 First Family in the“Forbidden City”
Breaking with the Feudalism
No One Superior
43 First Family in the “Forbidden City”III
Equal Treatment for All His Children
Growing up in Twists and Turns
I Should Model the Way
Gentle Paternal Love
Sacred Marriage
Be an Ordinary Person
Playing an Exemplary Role
Treating His Attendants as Children
A Nostalgic Man
Epilogue Heritage Cherished by His Children


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