China’s Road of Green Development


2020-04-23 08:55

Xie Zhenhua, Pan Jiahua


Title: China’s Road of Green Development

Author: Xie Zhenhua, Pan Jiahua

ISBN: 9787119114279

Press: Foreign Language Press


Chapter 1 China's Growing Pains - Reflecting On and Upgrading the Traditional Development Model
I.China has increasingly serious pressures on its resources, environment and ecology
II.Reflecting on the traditional development model
III.China is moving towards green development

Chapter 2 Ecological Civilization - Leaving Nature More Recuperation Space
I.China's ecological resources face enormous challenges
II."Leave nature more recuperation space
III.China's ecological construction: policies and actions
Chapter 3 Circular Economy - A New Way to Break Through Resource Constraints in China I.China's move towards circular economy is an inevitable requirement of economic development
II.The guiding philosophy for development of China's circular economy
III.China's exploration and experience in developing circular economy
Chapter 4 Building Low-carbon, Resilient, Smart and Livable Cities - Towards Sustainable Cities
I.Sustainable development is an inevitable choice for China's urban transformation
II.The concept of sustainable development: its origin and value in our era
III.Policy implementation and effectiveness in sustainable urban construction
Chapter 5 From Unbalanced Development to Coordinated Regional Development - The Evolution of China's Regional Development Strategy
I.The predicament and path of China's coordinated regional development
II.Evolution from unbalance to the concept of coordinated

Chapter 6 Green Consumption - Driving Forward Green Lifestyle and Consumption Patterns 
Chapter 7 Response to Climate Change - China's Road of Low-carbon Transformation
Chapter 8 The Transition of China's Sustainable Development - Transmuting from Gray to Green
Chapter 9 China Leads the Global Green Transformation - Construction of a Community of Shared Future
Chapter 10 "Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Gold and Silver Mines" - A Re-examination of the Value of Nature
Chapter 11 Construction of Ecological Civilization-Sustainable Development with Chinese Characteristics


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