Beijing Courtyards


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Jia Jun


Title: Beijing Courtyards

Author: Jia Jun

ISBN: 9787302290919

Press: Tsinghua University Press


Chapter Ⅰ Courtyards and Beijing
[1] The Evolution of Chinese Courtyards Siheyuan
[2] From Dadu of Yuan to Beijing of Ming and Qing
[3] Hutong

Chapter Ⅱ The Basic Layout of Courtyards in Beijing
[1] The Typical Layout
[2] Parallel Layout
[3] Courtyards with Gardens
[4] The Landscaping of Courtyards

Chapter Ⅲ The Architectural Makeup of Courtyards
[1] A House is Divided into Three Parts
[2] The Base
[3] The Carpentry of the House
[4] The Outer Walls
[5] The Roof
[6] Exterior Fit-Up
[7] Interior Fit-Up
[8] Furnishings

Chapter Ⅳ The Types of Houses in Courtyards
[1] The Front Gate
[2] The Festooned Gate
[3] The Main House
[4] The Side Houses
[5] The Wing Houses
[6] The Opposite House
[7] The Backside House
[8] The Veranda
[9] The Screen Wall and the Yard Wall

Chapter Ⅴ The Construction of Courtyards
[1] Leveling and Orientation
[2] Ramming Earth and Building the Bases
[3] Masonry
[4] The Processing of Timber
[5] Tenons and Mortises
[6] The Beam Mount
[7] Brickwork
[8] Tile work
[9] Wooden Fittings
[10] Carvings
[11] Painting and Colored Patterns

Chapter Ⅵ Selected Classic Residential Courtyards of the Qing Dynasty
[1] Prince Fu's Mansion
[2] Prince Gong's Mansion
[3] The house of chongli
[4] The House of Wenyu
[5] The House of linqing
[6] The House of zhang Zhidong
[7] The House of Rongyuan
[8] The House of jiyun

Chapter Ⅶ Courtyards That are the Former Residences of Modern Cultural
Chapter Ⅷ The Cultural Implications of Courtyards and the Charm of Living in Them


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