Research Institute of Finance & Trade Economics


2014-12-30 12:00

Institute of Finance and Trade in EconomicsCenter for Sustainability and Opening-upwas founded in 2007, based on the Center for Finance, Trade and Materials in Economics which was founded in 1979.

The Institute has a staff of 16members, among whom 3 are research fellows, 6 are associate research fellows and 5 are assistant fellows.9 staff members have ranked with PH.D and 1 is PH.D candidate. are leaders of the related academic societies and associations, 1 staff member has ranked with State Council Expert for Special Allowance, 1 is awarded Leader of Academic and Technology in Sichuan Province and 1 is a candidate of  Leader of Academic and Technology in Sichuan Province.

The staff members have been awarded tens of prizes both at provincial and national level in recent years. More than 800 articles and 40 books have been published by the staff members. Some staff members are leaders or members of the related provincial and national academic societies and associations.

Research highlights of the Institute are as the following: finance, tax, service industry, market system, sustainable development, opening-up and comparative economics.


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