The Sichuan Federation of Social Sciences Circle (the SFSSC)


2015-06-15 12:00

Leaded by the Party Committee Sichuan Province and the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Federation of Social Sciences Circle (the SFSSC) is the bridge and link between the Party, the Government and the personnel in the social science circle.


The main duties of the SFSSC are as follows: Positively publicize and conscientiously implement the Party’s line, principles and policies; actively report the demands from the personnel in social science circle, protect their legitimate rights and interests, promote solidarity between them, and give full play to the role for them to construct harmonious social sciences circle; guide and manage social science groups in Sichuan Province including the associations of Social Sciences in cities prefectures, universities and colleges of Sichuan Province, and other private research institutions to carry out activities; promote and strengthen communication and cooperation in academic groups and various disciplines;  take charge for the recent planning and long-term planning of social science research, approve the social science projects, and take charge of application of the national social science fund project in Sichuan Province; instruct the construction of the key social science research and spread base in Sichuan Province, and integrate social sciences resources of whole province; organize the multi-typed, multi-level, multi-faceted academic discussion, investigation and research, and policy advice; fund the publication social sciences works; organize and carry out the award activities of social sciences for outstanding achievements and coordinate the award-winning achievements to publish, publicize and promote; draw up the social science spreading plan of Sichuan Province, organize various forms of publicity activities of social science knowledge, and carry out the training of social science and advisory services; manage the social science’s consulting in Sichuan Province; promote contact and cooperation between the academic societies, the theory departments and the practice departments, and the nature science circles and social science circles; participate in recommending the experts with special contribution, the outstanding candidates and academic leaders in social sciences circle.


Founded in December of 1981, the SFSSC has developed an academic mass organization with the complete disciplines, more reasonable structure, excellent subjects, and good science research strength. Up to now, more than 300,000 thousand people in social science circle are organized in the SFSSC, with 174 provincial societies and institutions, 30 social science federations in universities and colleges, and 23 private institutions. The 21 cities (prefectures) has established the federations of social science circle, and established 142 federations of the social science circle in the counties. The forty key research bases have been established, and the 25 spreading bases for the social science have nominated and managed together with the Publicity Department of Sichuan Province Party Committee.


2015-06-15 03:21