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The Forum on Cultural Heritage Conservation held in Beijing


2023-09-12 12:00

Themed "Civilizations in Harmony", the Forum on Cultural Heritage Conservation was held in Beijing on September 5th.Li Shulei, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC, attended and delivered a speech.

Chinese and foreign guests attended believe that Asia is one of the important birthplaces of human civilization. The cultural heritage of all parts of Asia is not only a precious witness to Asia's long history, but also an important bond that maintains Asia's cultural identity, which deserves to be jointly guarded and inherited by the people of all Asian countries from generation to generation. This forum is an important platform for implementing the global civilization initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping, and carries the common aspiration of friends from all Asian countries to watch over civilizations, learn from each other and cooperate for development.

They said that cultural heritage is an important achievement of the diversified development of human civilization and an important carrier of civilization exchanges and mutual understanding. All parties concerned should protect Asia's cultural heritage with respect, safeguard the diversity of human civilizations with a broad mind, and promote exchanges and mutual understanding among Asian civilizations with openness and tolerance.The media of Asian countries should actively promote international cooperation in the field of cultural heritage and endeavour to become the promoter of Asian multiculturalism, the supervisor of Asian heritage protection and the facilitator of Asian cultural exchanges, so as to set up a new Asian model for the development of cultural inheritance and international cooperation in the field of culture on a global scale.

The forum was organized by China Daily, National Cultural Heritage Administration and the Asian Press Union. More than 200 representatives from the Asian Press Union, domestic and foreign cultural heritage protection and related organizations, embassies and consulates in China, media and universities attended.

Founded in March 1999, the Asian Press Union, comprising 22 mainstream media outlets from 20 countries in Asia, is one of the most active multinational media press unions in the world today.

Translated by Zhou Mengjiao



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