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The 16th “China Forum” Held in Tibet


2023-09-06 08:47

Wang Chunyan
Chinese Social Sciences

NYINGCHI,Sep.1--The 16th China Forum was held via online and offline in Tibet, which aims to share with officials, scholars and students from South Africa, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and other African countries the achievements and experiences of Tibets historic transformation from poverty to prosperity and stability at the same time as the whole country; while introduce to the world the successful practice and brilliant achievements of the Party’s policy of governing Tibet in the new era in Tibet, and tell stories of the happy lives of the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet.

Since the 1950s, guided by the CPCwith historical course of the construction of China’s socialist revolution and reformation, Tibet’s productive forces have been rapidly liberated and developed, and earth-shaking changes have taken place, with the care of the Party Central Committee and the support of the whole country. In particular, since the new era began, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to Tibet’s work, personally guiding the way for Tibet’s development, established the Partys strategy for the governance of Tibet in the new era, and led Tibet to make all-round progress and historic achievements in various undertakings, according to Sun Xiangjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region Academy of Social Sciences, nowdays, Tibet enjoys political stability, social stability, economic development, ethnic unity, religious harmony, consolidation of border defense, and people living and working in peace and contentment, it presents a good picture of prosperity and vitality.

Xu Wuda, deputy director of the Rural Economic Research Institute of the Tibet Autonomous Region Academy of Social Sciences, introduced the main practices and achievements of eliminating absolute poverty in Chinas extremely high altitude areas.The practice of poverty reduction in Tibet shows that poverty is essentially a fundamental attitude toward the people, and people-centered is the fundamental driving force for poverty alleviation and poverty reduction. Only by truly putting the people in mind and the people’s interests first can we truly recognize poverty, alleviate poverty and get rid of it, and only by doing so can we have inexhaustible motivation, clear direction and good measures”, said he.

Qin Songmao, deputy mayor of Nyingchi City introduced the successful practice of Nyingchi City’s modernization construction in the new era. In 2020, the poverty alleviation targets and tasks of Nyingchi City were completed as scheduled, and all seven poor counties and districts were lifted out of poverty, making all-round historic achievements in poverty alleviation. Great changes have taken place in urban and rural areas, and the development environment and outlook have been significantly improved, enabling the people to see changes, reap tangible results in poverty alleviation, and positively change their awareness of working hard to get rich”, said he.

Li Wengang, director of the National Religion Research Office of the Chinese Institute of African Studies, introduced the protection and inheritance of traditional ethnic culture in Metuo County, Tibet Autonomous Region from the aspects of primitive religious culture, traditional folk literature, drama and song and dance, traditional dress culture, traditional folk culture, traditional architecture and creation culture, etc.

Yuan Wu, Associate researcher, Security Research Office, China Institute of African Studies talked about the role of education in poverty alleviation, taking Metuo County for example.


Translated by Lena.



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