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China Intelligent Education Blue Book and Development Index Report Released


2023-03-01 08:29

Yang Sa
Guangming Daily

BEIJING, Feb. 13--China Intelligent Education Blue Book and Development Index Report was released, seven standards and specifications for smart education platforms have also been released.

China Intelligent Education Blue Book (2022) takes the connotation of smart education as the main line, puts forward 16 specific features from the four dimensions--environment, teaching, governance and talent, summarizes Chinas experience in the development of smart education, and issues seven issues and five initiatives for the world to focus on in the future.

Based on the objective reality that the development of intelligent education is in its infancy, the 2022 China Intelligent Education Development Index Report explores and establishes an evaluation index system consisting of 4 first-level dimensions and 12 second-level dimensions, attempts to quantitatively evaluate the development level of Chinas intelligent education, and forms three sub-reports on basic education, vocational education and higher education by field. It provides reference for effectively promoting intelligent education.

The seven intelligent education platform series standards focus on the four aspects--platform, data, resources and literacy, providing an important basis for the construction and application of the intelligent education platform system. They will standardize the data convergence and safe sharing of the education system, and support the joint construction and sharing, quality control and long-term development of digital education resources. Promoting the deep integration and application innovation of digital technology and education and teaching will play an important role.

It is reported that in the face of the opportunities and challenges brought by digitization, the World Digital Education Conference calls on the international community to strengthen dialogue and exchanges, deepen practical cooperation, and jointly promote the digital transformation of education and the realization of the 2030 education goals.

Translated by Lena.


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