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Promoting digitization of Red Archival Documents


2023-02-15 03:22

Liu Yuenan
Renmin Daily

“Red resources bear witness to our Party’s arduous and brilliant struggle, and they are the most precious spiritual wealth. We must protect, manage and use them well with our hearts and emotions”, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee points out. Books, periodicals, newspapers, archives, manuscripts and other red archives are important types of red resources.

In the new era, the protection and development of red archives literature need to rely on modern information technology, the digital transformation of it, and the formation of red archives literature database, from the following four aspects for better spreading red culture, and carrying forward the red tradition:

To find out the number of the red archival literature resources

To strengthen the protection of precious red resources constantly

To flourish and develop the red culture academic research

To Implement the strategy of digitization of cultural industries

Translated by Lena.




2023-02-15 11:27
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