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The Seminar on “Chuang Studies and Dissemination from the Interdisciplinary Perspective” Held Online


2021-09-23 02:55

Wu Nan

Recently, the seminar on Chuang Studies and Dissemination from the interdisciplinary perspectivewas held online, which attracted more than 100 scholars gather together for exploring Chuangzi’s interpretation of thoughts, text expression, humanistic spirit, moral concern and its role in the formation and dissemination of Chinese civilization from different disciplinary perspectives. 

Chuangzi advocated nature and paid attention to the unity of nature and man, which was intrinsically related to the current ecological civilization construction and new development ideas, since the 20th century, the study of Chuangzi has achieved fruitful results and exerted profound influence on many subjects in China, according to scholars, the conference brought together scholars from philosophy, sociology, ethics, aesthetics, literature, medicine, religion and other disciplines, covering various topics such as the relationship between Confucian classics and Chuangzi studies, image thinking, and Chuangzis specific ideas. Professor Jia Xuehong of Yangzhou University said that the multi-disciplinary seminar is to break through the current situation of numerous professional barriers and seek a breakthrough in the study of Chuangzi through the integration of ideas and mutual infiltration of methods, the study of Chuangzi should be strengthened from two aspects: one is to read the text carefully, return to the traditional cultural background, return to the original text of Chuangzi, truly understand the ideological connotation and expression characteristics of Chuangzi; the second is to find a new way of communication, according to the cultural background and characteristics of different audiences, do a good job in the dissemination of Chuangzi research.

Prof. Fang Ming,Institute of Chinese Culture, Beijing Language and Culture University said that the classics of ancient Chinese masters were neither pure philosophical works, nor what we call literary works today, whose actual content was richer than literature or philosophy, then he suggested that the study of Chuangzi should be carried out in a multi-disciplinary context, instead of learning of various schools opposed to the learning of the six Classics.

Fang Yong, director of Center for Pre-Qin Studies, East China Normal University believes that basic research on learning of various schools has been well done, and comprehensive and holistic research should be an important direction that all scholars should pay attention to in the future.

Chen Guying, Distinguished Professor of Peking University, and he paid attention to the commonness of Nietzsche and Chuangzi and suggested deepening the study of Chuangzi in the field of comparative study of Chinese and Western culture.

Translated by Lena.



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