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2020 International Situation Prospect Seminar Held in Shanghai


2020-02-26 10:12


"Chinese Diplomacy in Changes Unseen in a Century: Challenges and Solutions—2020 International Situation Prospect Seminar" was recently held at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Wang Jian, director of the Institute of International Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that "changes unseen in a century" can be understood from both global and regional perspectives. Sorting, researching, and judging the sources of change and risk points in the international environment and the international situation, and discussing related coping strategies are the unavoidable missions and responsibilities of researchers on international issues.

There are both challenges and opportunities in the major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics under the changes unseen in a century. Fu Mengzi, deputy director of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, proposed that the “Belt and Road” initiative has entered a new era of high-quality development, and emerging economies represented by China have shown great potential. At present, the world is facing great changes, and it is no longer possible to simply duplicate and apply the original paths, experience, and models. From the perspective of development, it is a basic trend for human beings to move from development to openness, and anti-globalization cannot affect the process of globalization. With the increasing power of emerging economies and developing countries, the sources of globalization will become more diverse, and the international system will develop in a more fair and balanced direction after adjustment.

Yang Jiemian, president of Shanghai Association for International Relations, believes that China's diplomatic issues needs to be viewed in a dialectical and dynamic manner, and we must not only have a correct response to the problem, but also have a plan to solve it. As for China’s diplomatic issues, we should gradually increase its predictable components in unpredictability, so as to improve the exploration and understanding of the world's knowability. On the basis of anticipating risks, it is also necessary to form strategic ideas for avoiding risks. Diplomacy has strong practicality, and it is necessary to gradually increase experience and sublimate theory in practice. Therefore, we must learn from China ’s historical experience in dealing with diplomatic risks, summarize China ’s contemporary experience in dealing with diplomatic risks, and strengthen the construction of China ’s theory of dealing with diplomatic risks.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Institute of International Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, and Shanghai Association for International Relations.


2020-02-26 05:54
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