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Peoples Literature Prize 2022 Awarded


2023-04-27 03:30


April 27th, the Peoples Literature Prize 2022 was awarded in Luzhou,Sichuan Province.

Qin Ling Ji by Jia Pingwa, Wujiang Citation by Pang Bei won the Saga novel prizeBaiyang Lake by Guan Renshan, and Chinese Youth by Han Qingchen won Special prize; Former First Love by Wang Meng, and Hidden Ship by Xiao Qin won Short novel prize; Lady Cat by Sheng Keyi, and City Defense Map by Chen Gang won Short story prize; Feng Sha Xing by Liang Heng, and Mawang Creek Scene by Peng Xueming won Essay prize; Nature Notes by Xu Gang, and Earth Inprinting by Chen Guodong won award for nonfiction; Kong Yong by Li Lu, and the Lamp Burner, Li Dazhao by Kang Yan won Newcomer; Chasing White Clouds by Ma Si, and Gaze by Qin Liyan won Poetry prize.

Shi Zhanjun, the chief editor of Peoples Literature introduced that Peoples Literature Prize covers all categories of literary creation and translation. The winners include classic writers, stalkers in the literary world, and newcomers and talents. Their works jointly present the high-quality development of literature in the new era.

The Peoples Literature Prize is awarded annually to the best works published in the magazine, as well as writers and experts who have made great contributions to the Chinese and foreign editions of the magazine. Wu Yiqin and A Lai served as directors and Zhang Ling, Liang Ping, Wang Gan, Liu Qiong, Zhou Youqiang, Zhang Li and Cheng Yang served as members of the jury.

Translated by Lena.


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