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The Kui Yingtao Academic Thought Seminar Held in Chengdu


2021-02-28 05:12



Recently, The Kui Yingtao Academic Thought Seminar and "Anthology of Kui Yingtao" new book release conference was held in Chengdu. This event was co-sponsored by Sichuan University and the institute of Literature and History of Sichuan Provincial Government. It aims to inherit and carry forward the excellent academic traditions of the humanities and social sciences of Bashu, further create a new situation in the development of Sichuan humanities and social sciences, and promote the high-quality development of philosophy and social sciences in the new era.

Li Yanrong, president of Sichuan University and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that Kui Yingtao was the first generation of well-known historians and educators trained in New China, and one of the pioneers who studied modern Chinese history and urban history under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism after the founding of New China. Kui Yingtao and his generation of scholars have not only inherited the excellent traditions of Chinese historiography, but also have the spirit of the contemporary Marxist new historiography. They have always maintained the truth-seeking spirit that respects objective facts, the rational spirit that explores the laws of social development , the inclusive humanistic spirit and the innovative spirit of continuous pioneering and enterprising.

Yang Quanming, chairman of Sichuan Federation of Social Science Associations, believes that the monographs and papers included in "The Anthology of Kui Yingtao" are all authoritative academic works in related fields, which have had a significant impact on the historian circle at home and abroad.Its solid research results and forward-looking academic vision have the meaning of being an academic model. Kui Yingtao was an outstanding scholar and university administrator trained by the Communist Party of China after the founding of the People's Republic of China. His growth process is of typical significance.


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2021-02-28 12:46
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