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High-end Academic Symposium on the Philosophy, Logic and History of Science &Technology Held via Online


2021-02-25 01:03

Ye Benqian, Shao Shuai, Zeng Jiang, Liao Suyu

Feb. 7-8, high-end academic symposium on the Philosophy, Logic and History of science &technology was held via Online, which was hosted by School of Marxism, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,UESTC. The conference revolves around Professor Wan Xiaolong's theory--STRF, STPLH and so on.

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Prof. Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of UESTC, Prof. Liu Xiaoting of Beijing Normal University, Researcher Zou Chongli of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director Zhang Xilin and Wu Manyi, Dean of Marxism School of UESTC delivered speeches respectively.

Initiated by Prof. Wan, the conference attracted 58 experts and scholars from 32 universities and research institutes gather together, and the average number of online meeting rooms was more than 160. The conference divided into six sessions, the first discussion was on the strategic development of the STPLH center; the second was reported by Prof. Wan with 6 Mathematical Pits of Modal Logic, in which six difficulties in understanding the holistic effect of modal logic as classical logic were discussed; the third was reported by Prof. Wan with The Form of Dialectical Logic; In the forth discussion, Prof. Wan briefly introduced the historical process from caloric theory of heat to the proposed law of conservation of energy, and discussed the enlightenment of this period of history to the exploration of basic theories today; the fifth was reported by Prof. Wan with Quantum Logic and Quantum Information Philosophical Problems.

Participants made positive comments on the theory of STRF, and had a heated discussion on related issues. Meanwhile, they highly applauded the the establishment of the STPLH Research Center, and called it one of the Four Major Alliance for interdisciplinary research in philosophy of science, logic and history of science, whose other three included Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University and South China University of Technology. The STPLH Research Center, described as the first major event in the opening year of 2021 for philosophy and logic of science, it was great expected to promote the development of philosophy of science and technology and other related disciplines in Southwest China.

Translated by Lena


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