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“The Original Mission of MAO Zedong and Chinese Communists”Academic Seminar Successfully Held


2020-09-30 03:38


CHENGDU, Sept. 26th--the 27th Annual Meeting of MAO Zedong Philosophical Thought themed at The Original Mission of MAO Zedong and Chinese Communistsacademic seminar was successfully held.


The meeting was hosted by National Research Institute of MAO Zedong Philosophy and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, which attracted over 100 experts, scholars and media gathered together. Researcher Tang Zhouyan, the president of National Research Institute of MAO Zedong Philosophy made a keynote speech themed “The Party’s Guiding Ideology Keeps Pace with the Times”, vice-president Yang Mingwei, and Party Secretary Li Houqiang of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences attended the meeting and made speeches.

Li said, MAO Zedong’s philosophy is an important part of MAO Zedong thoughts. From MAO Zedong’s philosophy, we deeply understand and perceive the “four great forces” of the original mission of The Chinese Communists, namely the exuberant “vitality”, the powerful “fighting capacity”, the great “creativity” and the infinite “appeal”.

Experts attending the meeting agreed that MAO Zedong’s philosophy is a Marxist philosophy with Chinese characteristics, a scientific world outlook and methodology for Chinese Communists, and provides them with the pursuit of faith and the purpose to follow the original mission of Chinese Communists. The study of MAO Zedong’s philosophy still has important guiding and practical significance today.


2020-09-30 11:33
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